The Personality Development Programme

Age is no bar to change your personal appeal. Come and discover changes under proper guidance with a 12 step program specially designed by Uday Sonthalia to turn you into a smart professional. Personality is a sum total of interaction and reaction. If you do not have good personality then you can’t stand yourself in crowd even if you are rich. Mere dreaming can’t make you successful. You need an X factor in your personal appeal to excel in your daily life. It is important to work on your personality to bring back the charisma in yourself and shine in this world of leaders. Personality  development classes help you to know determinants of personality and help you in polishing your best side to make you the best of what you can be. "Every cloud has a silver lining". One needs to change his perspective of looking at life. The positive outlook and efforts can work as a miracle.

Why Personality Development Programme
  • Boost your confidence
  • Improve your ability to express ideas
  • Lose your fear
  • Remove your inhibitions
  • Enhance your personal growth
  • Be more enthusiastic in activities
  • Gain better self awareness
  • Develop an optimistic approach in every sphere
  • Learn how to maintain an improved personality
  • Receive tips for better professional success
  • Certifications

The programme can be availed by corporates, professionals, freshers, students and anybody who wishes to improve or build a very good personality. In order to avail the workshop, a person has to clear an initial test and screening so that they can be considered qualified for the same. Business houses, schools, academies, institutes and companies working in diverse areas can get the workshop conducted for their selected students or employees on a one on one basis.

Who should attend?
Course Structure
  • MBTI Test

    The program of refining personality starts with common Mbti test (Myers – Brigge Type Indicator Test), which helps in analysing psychological preferences of an individual and how they comprehend it in daily decision making process. The individual’s mindset is studied by analysing psychological functions such as: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. The indicator test is the first step of beginning the 12 step process of personality development program.

  • Counselling

    The super beneficial psychological counselling test will be very helpful for understanding the individual. The sessions provided by us are between an individual and a counsellor so that you don’t hesitate to open up. The whole session would be dedicated towards understanding your personality. Since all individuals are different. It takes time to realize the problem one is going through. The succeeding sections would be based on the interpretations of this section.

  • Enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm plays a key role in developing one’s charisma. It reflects intention and dedication to accomplish a subject or task. To achieve any goal in life the spirit to achieve that goal is important. If you have passion and inspiration to fulfil your targets then half of your goal is achieved. We will be teaching you importance of enthusiasm and how it helps to achieve aims more smoothly. As once stated by Garrett Morgan, "If you have the ability to do something, why don't you do it?

  • Changing mindset and self exploration

    "If you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgement. And you can see forever." Nancy Lopez The youth is not even aware of their interests, skills, values and what they wanted to achieve in life. Exploring oneself is a lifelong process. If this process is undertaken with proper guidance, it can be modified easily. Expert counselling helps to inculcate sense of need to change the mindset of the youth. They can feel the difference in their approach after attending this expert session.

  • Etiquettes, mannerism and grooming

    In our daily life, we interact with a number of people, we hardly remember we are carrying our conversation with proper etiquettes or not. This would stain our status and personalities because many times, first impression is the last impression. We will be providing you with guidelines of living, importance manners of everyday life, gestures, grooming your personal image, important table manners and much more which will make you leave a great impression wherever you go.

  • Strategies of time management

    One of the most difficult problems almost everyone faces is management of time. However, it is important to realize that time can only be managed once we learn to manage ourselves. We would be guiding with effective ideas to achieve this difficult yet simple job of time management.

  • Body Language

    It refers to communication in a non verbal manner. The body postures, gestures, facial expressions, eye expressions together form a body language. Body language defines the attitude and mindset of a person. So we will be teaching you significance of communication in the right manner.

  • Tone and pitch variation

    Pitch changes the sense of message you want to convey in public. Even bitter things can be made understood easily if it is said in a polite and low tone. We will be teaching you how low and high pitch affects the message you want to convey.

  • Stage fear

    This phobia arouses when you see a large number of audience around you, even if you have good communication skills. One has to face people throughout their lives in form of interviews, meetings and seminars etc. So, we will be teaching you simple steps which help in overcoming your fear and develop confidence to stand in public.

  • Smart use of language

    Anyone can interact but there is different between smart communication and communication. We will be teaching you how smart use of language in communication can make a difference.

  • Oration and Presentation skills

    Public speaking is one of the biggest fears for many. Addressing a large audience in college and office makes people nervous. This phobia would lead you nowhere as you might have to address an audience throughout your professional life. So, with our 12 step program you will feel confidence in you and you can interact in public like you do with your friends.

  • Group discussions/Personal interviews

    In our last session We will be teaching you techniques to present yourself in further group discussions and how to succeed in that smartly. We will be regularly monitoring you. Your level of improvement would be judged after each meeting. Your records would be electronically maintained by us and will be provided to you in your last session.

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