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Coming from a Marwari family, Uday Sonthalia's background has contributed to his entrepreneurial strengths. His family belongs to the prosperous region of Shekhawat in Rajasthan which is known for producing some of the leading entrepreneurs of today. His family is also into the business sector and his father's company is one of the leading manufacturers of polyester buttons in India.

Uday Sonthalia was born in Mumbai and he stayed in the state of Gujarat for eight years. He came to Delhi after that and continues to stay there. An alumnus of Bluebells School International, he graduated from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (Hons.). He further completed his Masters in Business Administration specializing in entrepreneurship from Amity Business School, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh.











A true entrepreneur, Mr. Sonthalia's entrepreneurial  abilities are well explained by his constant knack for innovative ideas which he takes no time to implement. He has been a student of entrepreneurship by continuously working in this area. His unbeatable spirit and enthusiasm can become a source of inspiration and is reflected in his various initiatives. He has successfully organised two Annual Entrepreneurship Summit since 2013.

Uday Sonthalia has proved his leadership qualities time and again by influencing small and big teams and dazzling many through his expertise. Both profitable and non profitable fractions have been guided in the most appropriate manner under his leadership.

Management is nothing more than motivating other people. According to him, time management is an oxymoron and that is why he focuses on priority management to maximise the time one has. He has mastered the art of turning problems into interesting issues and offering extremely constructive solutions to tackle those issues. The award for Best All Round Management Student that he won during his post graduation and the gold medal that he won for being the best student of his college during graduation bear testimonies to his excellence.

Considered as one of the seven heavenly virtues, diligence is a trait not easily seen among individuals. Uday Sonthalia, however, is one of the few who has always possessed the zeal for working hard. He does not back off or fear work pressure but embraces it and gives his best shot that certainly helps him achieve his goals.

His thought provoking ideas act as the biggest tool in convincing people. Being a magnificent orator, he uses his effective speaking skills to explain and influence people in constructive ways. A commendable voice and unique communication tactics help him in grasping people.

Uday Sonthalia believes in the saying "The pen is mightier than the sword". He has written numerous articles and blogs on diverse topics and even commercial content for various companies. According to him , writing is a medium of communication that represents language. He sees writing as a complement to speech.

His passion for creativity and innovation has benefited him in more ways than one. Apart from enabling him to get a brainy command over softwares for general use, his passion to learn new things has also enabled him to become a self taught expert of some of the best design softwares that assist him in expressing his ideas more effectively.

It is evident that Uday Sonthalia's interests lie in many varied fields and he makes sure to learn what he loves. He possess the  interesting qualities of voice modulation and acting. His interest in dramatics also makes him implement those skills in his day to day life to the best of his interests. An ambitious, vivacious and zealous entrepreneur, Uday Sonthalia wishes to take his company to the greatest heights.



B.Com. (Hons.) (Gold Medallist)

M.B.A. Entrepreneurship (Scholar)

Uday Sonthalia is a diligent and dedicated young entrepreneur who has a strong appreciation for creativity and innovation. He has an eye for recognizing potential in little ideas that can eventually become big accomplishments. His diverse skill set is comprised of strong leadership and management abilities, oratory and writing qualities, expertise of design soft wares and the enthusiasm for working for the benefit of the society. He respects innovation in the field of ideas, logic and application. He has an open mind and is a rationalist who respects critical evaluation. His not for profit initiatives like the Annual Entrepreneurship Summit and his association with several social causes and NGOs including Rotary International reflect his desire to support the idea of being a responsible citizen. His untiring spirit has always made him excel in various fields.

A topper of his school, he graduated in B.Com. (Hons.) with a gold medal for being best student of the college. He later completed his Masters in Business Administration specialising in Entrepreneurship. Here he received a scholarship and also got the award for being the Best All Round Management student.

His leadership abilities are reflected by the numerous successful events that he has organised, gaining him an unmatched recognition. Being interested in research work, he has presented many of his papers in conferences both at state and national level, many of which have also won awards. He is a member of the top most board levels for various clubs, societies and organisations.


After proving himself in social entrepreneurship, Uday Sonthalia took a step into the business world. On 10th August, 2013, he started his maiden venture – Uni Square Concepts, along with perusing MBA. Excelling in all the avenues simultaneously, he received awards from various organizations for his leadership, management, marketing, and other skills. He was recently honoured with the prestigious Jubilant Organosys Entrepreneurial Excellence Award which is given to the person showing outstanding entrepreneurial abilities. He is never at a loss for new concepts or ideas and enjoys designing in varied spheres. He regularly conducts interesting workshops, events and development and training programmes.